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The skill enhancement programs conducted by the Academy of Advanced Endodontics (AAE) under Narayana Educational Trust are designed exclusively for skill enhancement purposes. These short programs are not equivalent to specialty post-graduate programs like MDS. They are specifically intended to enhance the knowledge and clinical skills of dental graduates preparing for qualifying/licensing exams abroad or pre-clinical /clinical exams, or to practice in India or abroad. Please note that the skill enhancement programs conducted by AAE are not affiliated with any university or the Dental Council of India, nor are they recognized by any dental council or universities. Academy of Advanced Endodontics and Narayana Educational Trust does not confer any specialty degree, fellowship, or diploma certificate.
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AAE-India is one of the best decisionsI took to improve my clinical skills and knowledge of dentistry.Thank you Dr. Raghu and the faculty of AAE-India for putting in so much effort in training me for the endodontics course. The standards of the academy are really high in every aspect. The theory lectures give you an in-depth knowledge of endodontics having references to so many research articles and journals. The hands-on demonstrations were detailed for the purpose of clinical application. The academy has well equipped pre-clinical section and clinical sections,with the latest technology and instruments. We started working on patients after the lectures and pre-clinical exercises, and I could relate what we learnt to the clinical cases.Dr. Raghu was always there to guide us and the case discussions with him motivated us to improve and work harder. His idea of learning through mistakes, made the learning process pleasing. The ever smiling, Dr. Shwetha would always back me up if I had any difficulty in clinical procedures. In all,I realized we not only learntabout endodontics, but also were prepared to be better practitioners. They trained us on how to interact with patients, handling complications and management of dental practice. I have to mention that they give individual attention and work with each candidate at their level of understanding and competency.They work really hard to bring out the best in each of us. The course has proved to be very helpful and given me a lot of confidence to practice dentistry. I strongly recommend the course to all the young and aspiring dentists who want to learn andgain an insight of contemporary dental practice. Regards, Dr. Amjad Ali USA, India
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