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The skill enhancement programs conducted by the Academy of Advanced Endodontics (AAE) under Narayana Educational Trust are designed exclusively for skill enhancement purposes. These short programs are not equivalent to specialty post-graduate programs like MDS. They are specifically intended to enhance the knowledge and clinical skills of dental graduates preparing for qualifying/licensing exams abroad or pre-clinical /clinical exams, or to practice in India or abroad. Please note that the skill enhancement programs conducted by AAE are not affiliated with any university or the Dental Council of India, nor are they recognized by any dental council or universities. Academy of Advanced Endodontics and Narayana Educational Trust does not confer any specialty degree, fellowship, or diploma certificate.
Comprehensive Endodontics Training - Short Term Course | AAE India -Academy Of Advanced Endodontics - School Of Short Term Dental Program

Comprehensive Rotary Endodontics Training – 5 days

What you will learn –
This 5 day endodontic program is a one-of-its kind endodontic program brought to you by the Academy of Advanced Endodontics, Bangalore, India and is mainly designed for the busy dental practitioner after BDS/MDS. This course covers the A to Z of modern endodontics, ensuring every participant goes back ready to implement modern endodontic principles in their practices.

The 5 day course is designed keeping in mind the general dental practitioner. The objective of this program is to train and enhance the skills of the general dentist in the field of modern clinical endodontics.
Make the participant understand the principles of modern endodontics and help apply them in clinical endodontics
Guide them to master the steps in endodontic treatment from diagnosis to post endodontic restoration.
Perform single visit endodontics successfully

Program include

Topic Covered

  • Diagnosis.
  • Case selection.
  • Straight line Access preparation.
  • Working length determination – radiographic and apex locator method.
  • Irrigation protocol.
  • Intra canal medicaments.
  • Cleaning and shaping.
  • Rotary endodontics- Principles and technique.
  • Obturation techniques.
  • Post endo restoration.
  • Management of flare-ups and shortcomings.
  • Straight line access prep.
  • Glide path prep.
  • Working length determination with radiographic and apex locator.
  • Irrigation techniques & protocol for infected cases
  • Cleaning and shaping with hand protaper
  • Cleaning and shaping with rotary protaper and other systems of rotary
  • Sealer application methods
  • Obturation, single cone, thermoplastic methods
  • Post endodontic restoration
  • Rotary instruments(Any 3 Systems)
  • Extracted teeth. As many as possible.(minimum of 6 molars, 4 premolars and 4 anterior teeth)
  • K-File 21mm No-6 , No-8 , No-10
  • K-files 21 and 25 mm, 15 to 40.
  • H file 21mm 15 to 40.
  • K File 25 mm 45 to 80.
  • Barbed broaches assorted 15 to 40.
  • Spreaders 21 mm 15 to 40.
  • Gates Glidden.
  • IOPA x-RAY- 30(minimum)
  • Air-rotor handpiece
  • Micromotor Contra angle Handpiece
  • Filled Admission Form
  • Copy of degree certificate/ provisional degree certificate.
  • Copy of state dental council registration.
  • INR 45,000/-

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